Salvation Army's Broken Delivery Truck Results in Multiple Trips to Deliver Toys

The Salvation Army Has Been Using One Truck to Transfer Toys to Civic Center

ABILENE, Texas (KRBC)- Christmas time is one of the busiest times of the year for the local Salvation Army. From Toys for Tots to the Angel Tree, they have a lot of hard work on their hands before Christmas Day.

"The next ten days are probably the busiest times of the year", said CSR Director, Denise Miguel.

Last week, their delivery truck decided to break down, at the worst possible time.

"We have a big box truck that we use to puck up donations and right now we're not able to use that because it's broken down", explained Shelley Futrelle, the PR and Community Development Director of the Salvation Army.

Transferring over 20,000 toys with one pick-up truck has been a challenge for the crew, but that hasn't stopped them from making thousands of children's Christmas.

"We have such a good team here though, that nobody really blinked. We just did what we had to do because eventually we just have to get those toys over their, that's the number priority right now", said Futrelle.

The team sure did seem to have everything pulled together, regardless of how many trips they are going to have to take.

"The show still goes on, it takes a little bit long, but we'll still get it done!" Promised Denise Miguel City Director of Salvation Army.



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