San Angelo couple runs to safety during Las Vegas shooting

SAN ANGELO, Texas (KSAN/KLST) -  A San Angelo couple was at the concert during the shooting Sunday night. They ran to safety and are physically okay. But it's still going to take some time for them to recover emotionally. 

    Gunshots were the last thing Sherell and Mark Bethune imagined they'd hear during the country music festival.

"Was pretty traumatic," says Mark. 

    They attended all three days of the festival. Sunday night, they were sitting near the front when they heard shots.

    "I thought it was fireworks," he says.

    Then the headliner, Jason Aldean, stopped singing.

 "Jason ran off the stage."

    "At that point the music was cut and you could here automatic gunfire."

    "Everyone hit the ground at first and not everyone got up."

    "I grabbed my wife and I said run."

    "It was chaotic," said Mark.

    They ran onto the street. The opposite side of where the shots were coming from.  While they ran they thought about other possible attackers.

    "Once we got out, the yelling and screaming was behind us and we could here the gunshots better and it actually sounded like it was closer to us. We were concerned that there was a second shooter on the other side of the venue," says Mark.

    They did what they could to get away quickly.        

    "Jumped over a wall and then jumped over another fence, maybe two, it was all kind of a blur," says Mark.

    They made it back to the Hooter's Casino where they were staying. That's about a quarter mile from the concert. Even people who didn't have a room there were seeking shelter. 

    "There were shots the entire time. People were panicking. People were running inside the casino," says Mark.

    But they still didn't feel safe.    

    "Everything was running through my mind. Maybe there was a car bomb or something," says Mark.

    The next morning, Mark went to the hotel lobby and casino area.

    "There were people. It looked like they'd camped out overnight," he said.

    The couple spent Monday morning, like many others, watching the details of this horrific act unfold.

    "I still keep getting these waves of emotion, I've got the television on and I'm watching the pictures from last night. I could see exactly where I was," he said. "Emotionally it's very difficult. It's going to take a while."


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