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Second grade class in Snyder learning through coding

SNYDER, Texas (KTAB) - Some 2nd grade students in Snyder are doing some impressive coursework. They're putting their math, science and communication skills to the test through computer coding.

Teacher Carolyn Torres says going to the coding lab is "their favorite part of the day," calling it the "skill of the future."

The students use an app to learn coding. The app is a game that requires tiles. Each tile represents something different. It's up to the students to create the correct sequence to move their character and have him accomplish a goal. To be successful, the students have to use critical thinking, communication and collaboration with their team.

"This is a skill set that a student can't Google," Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum Rachael McClain says. "They have to do that critical thinking and talk to their partner and come up with a plan and be creative in how they can accomplish a goal."

Both McClain and Torres say what they're learning and doing today can help them farther down the road when they're in the workforce.

"We are preparing students for jobs that don't even really exist right now," Torres says.

"The sky is the limit for a student who understands that coding process," McClain adds.

Snyder ISD is planning to open a STEM lab in the fall where they plan to have a lab dedicated to coding.

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