Second set of human remains found in West Texas

MIDLAND COUNTY, Texas (KMID/KPEJ) - After a week of searching, The Midland County Sheriff's Office has found a second set of remains. 

According to Sheriff Gary Painter, the second set was found Saturday about 14 feet below the surface in a second pit. 

Authorities say they noticed a skull roll out from under the excavator jaws and JP David Cobos was called to the scene to pronounce the victim dead. 

Following the discovery, investigators began the process of digging around the skeletal remains to begin the removal process, according to a release. 

The second set has since been sent to Tarrant County. 

The search was initiated in the 5000 block of CR116 after deputies received information that the remains of two people could be found there a few weeks ago, according to a release. 

As such, deputies, with the assistance of the Texas Rangers, the Midland County DA's Office, a K-9 rescue team and the Midland County Road and Bridge Department, began their search. 

Painter says two K-9s alerted to two specific locations in a large pit that was mostly filled with dirt and debris. 

While sifting through the pit, investigators reportedly found a skeletal foot protruding from the debris. 

After digging further, Painter says the rest of the skeletal remains were located. That set has since been sent to Tarrant County for further examination, the sheriff said. 

"We immediately stopped excavating, moved the machinery back and roped off the area with crime scene tape. It is now a crime scene for a homicide," Painter said during a news conference Monday. 

While one set of remains was found, Painter says investigators have reason to believe another set maybe buried there. The second set was found on Saturday. 

Painter also says investigators have reason to believe the remains could be connected to a 2015 cold case.

However, the sheriff declined to comment further on the connection to the cold case until they have positively identified the remains. 

DA Laura Nodolf did speak generally on the identification process and explained why investigators are working meticulously to ensure they exhaust every resource in this case. 

"The ability for us to give their family back their loved one is a tremendous feat," Nodolf said. "Hopefully if we do develop the suspect, then we will be able to apprehend them, and I will be more than happy to try them for murder."

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