Seed checkout at the Brownwood Public Library

When you think of a library you think of finding the right book to read. Well at the Brownwood public library you can now check out a variety of seeds. Tomatoes, radish's and corn are a few seeds they offer for checkout. It is only one of the few hundred libraries across the nation that have this unique seed library. The way is works is you use a valid library card, pick the seed's that suit you and your families needs, check the seeds out at no cost, grow them, save the seeds and bring them back. To make sure that each person has a chance to use this opportunity to grow their own food, you are only able to check out up to 5 seed packs every six months. 

Taking advantage of the seed library can also help you save hundreds of dollars a year. It's all about have a variety of foods and nutrients not to only satisfy your stomach, but it's a sense of security as well. Kathryn White, Board of Director for the Community Garden says, "we want more diversity in our gardens and our backyards and in our communities because diversity is really a place of security. The more diversity we have the more options we have to sustain ourselves." 

If your residence has a lack of sunshine, or even poor soil quality you can take the seeds to a save haven. White explains, "we have a lady here and she doesn't have any sun in here back yard, so she uses one of our community garden beds for her family." The Director from the Brownwood Public Library explains that "growing your own food in good quality soil, gives a lot of nutrients and vitamins, that you might not get other places." This is a program that can help support the health the those who live in Brown county and the surrounding areas. 

If you are looking for something to get you out of the house the Brownwood Community Garden urges you to come out to the community garden to volunteer some time with planting seeds in one of the many garden beds they offer. The Brownwood Public Library is not currently set up at the moment to take "returned" seeds, In the future, the library will have more heirloom varieties specifically for our area and set up to take seeds that people return.


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