Sideswiped - What to do when a driver hits a parked car and leaves the scene

ABILENE, Texas (KTAB) - Imagine being asleep one night, and hearing a pounding on the door. It's your neighbors, still awake, telling you that they just saw a driver smash into your parked car and drive away. An unpleasant wakeup call, but one that happened to not one, but two people in Abilene.

Beechwood Lane is full of parked cars on any given day, or night. A quite residential neighborhood that got a bit louder on chaotic on Saturday night.

Krisitan McAlister was still awake around, doing housework, when he heard something outside. "The noise was so loud that I heard it clear as day."

That's when witnesses say a dark truck or SUV came down the street, hitting two cars, but somehow missing several other cars parked in between.

McAlister has a camera, but it was blocked by his other car in the driveway.


Dustin Hicks was asleep, and his car was the first to be hit. Hicks says when neighbors woke him up, he got to work, looking for the vehicle. "I jumped on my motorcycle, went around to every place that you would expect someone to go with two flat tires and a bunch of damage."

Hicks couldn't find anything, and returned home to speak with police.

Both cars that were hit only have liability insurance, meaning that the owners will have to foot the bill for repairs. KTAB spoke to one insurance agent to learn how to avoid this sort of problem.

State Farm agent Samuel Garcia explains that liability insurance doesn't always mean you're stuck paying for accidents like this, depending on your insurance plan.

Garcia tells us, "The person caused damage to your vehicle, it was their fault, not yours. Also, they don't have any insurance, because you don't even know who they are. So it actually qualifies for uninsured motorist."

As of now, there's still no sign of the vehicle, but neighbors who saw the destruction say it was dark or green, and was either a truck or SUV. McAlister says that he believes it to be a Ford Ranger truck.

Witnesses also say it had two flat tires, and the vehicle in question would have extensive damage on the passenger side after its destructive drive.

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