Snyder ISD School Attendance Rates Normal Despite Flu

Abilene, Texas KTAB News - SNYDER, Texas (KTAB) - "I'm just concerned because we have had so many kids getting sent home with strep throat...flu..:"

Rosa Valadez is a grandmother of four boys, three of them are old enough to attend Snyder schools and with a recent increase in flu cases across the Big Country she is worried about their health.

Valadez said, "I as a grandmother of four kids, think it's a problem. When I hear everyday that kids are getting sent home."

One of her grandchildren has already had the flu but she has heard from others that her family isn't the only one being affected by the sweeping sickness and she is asking the district to close the schools and clean them up.

But are attendance rates really at an alarming low? Snyder ISD Chief Financial Officer Dr. Randy Burks says they are not and said this about attendance rates.

"Oh no, our attendance rates for this time of year are pretty standard .A lot of what's going on with the roller coaster of temperatures we have .It's just what you deal with."

Burks says that the school is doing everything it can to give students the cleanest learning environment possible saying "We are cleaning. We have hospital grade disinfectant. We use the e-mist machine every night at our primary school."

Regardless, Valadez is still asking for the school district to take stronger action.

"It starts at the administration building. They have to make a decision that we need to clean our school up. That's the bottom line. We need to clean up our school."


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