Special Olympics bocce ball competition kicks off

It always takes tons of preparation, crowds of volunteers, and several weeks of training, "But this is what it comes down to and this is the fun part of it," finished Luann Chastain, the area 14 director for the Special Olympics.

Today marked the beginning of the 2017 Special Olympics bocce competition. 

10 schools were present for today's opening ceremonies and initial games along with nearly 100 athletes.

"We give athletes an opportunity to come out and show everyone what they are capable of doing," Chastain went on. 

Among the many returning faces in the crowd of competitors there are also a few, like the Harvey family, who are joining the games for the very first time.

Our daughter Cassidy is 9 years old and we are excited to have her participate with the Brownwood team," commented Kim Harvey, a coach from Brownwood. 

"I think she is like any other competitor out here she want to come out here and compete the best that she can. And regardless of win or lose, each kid has a smile on their face," stated Bryan Harvey, another Brownwood coach. 

According to this family, made up of two coaches and a competitor, the games aren't just tons of fun, but also a way athletes to show anyone and everyone what they've got.

"It lets the community knows what they can accomplish and that they should be given a chance," continued Mrs. Harvey. 

Additionally the Harveys feel that the event helps to build each competitors' self-confidence, each competitor including their daughter.

"Her just competing the best that she can let's her know that she can do whatever she puts her mind to," finished Bryan. 


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