Students Celebrate Custodians

Today in Eastland, about a dozen students put down pens and papers and picked up mops, brooms, and dust pans.

"We've wiped windows and cleaned toilets," commented Braxton Weaver, and Eastland junior.

The goal of today was to honor the school's custodial staff.

"We just wanted to give back and just kind of love on them," Weaver continued. 

After today, students who participated are seeing their custodians in a new light.

"I've got a new appreciation for them. I don't think I could do what they do everyday," stated Parker Roberts, and Eastland senior. 

According to students and staff, their cleaning team is much more than simply a cleaning team.

"They do more than just clean up after us or make stuff ready for us," commented Jason Cochran, Eastland ISD's superintendent. 

They help students in any and every way they can, and they make sure students have a good day.

"When I see some kid that is sad I ask them what is wrong. I tell them they are supposed to be happy and they smile. That makes me feel good," stated Juanita Varron, part of the custodial staff. 

Students have come away from their role swapping day having learned a valuable lesson.

"There's always time to serve and there's always people you can help," finished Weaver.

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