Superintendent: West Texas school lockdown result of 'dangerous prank'

LUBBOCK, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) - Frenship students and teachers returned to campus for the first day back following Friday’s high-level lockdown. Administrators spoke out Monday, calling what three students did a “dangerous prank.” 

"There was in actuality not a gun,” Superintendent Michelle McCord said. “It was just three of our students who had the poor judgment to be involved in a prank." 

Just before 12 p.m., three different assistant principals received reports from worried students, 
saying they'd seen a person with a ski mask indicating they had a gun. 

"I just thought to myself, ‘In this day and age, I don't want to wait a second longer,’" McCord said. 

That's when she called 9-1-1 and issued the high level lockdown, based on the severity and number of reports they received."

Law enforcement took three students into custody, and later found out from those students they never had a gun. One of those students was wearing a mask, while the other two were alongside, assisting in the “prank” and indicating they had a gun. 

The Superintendent told those students were not back in class on Monday, and that charges would be filed, but would not confirm what they would be. 

"These are not bad kids, and I don't believe they meant any harm,” McCord said. “But choices have consequences, and they are facing those right now." 

Frenship ISD said they stand by how this incident was handled, praising law enforcement and their students for following protocol. McCord added she believes the drills they practice in classrooms made all the difference.

"I'm sad that we live in an era where we have to have these drills, but our students were remarkable."

She said student safety will always be a top priority. 

"I know that parents want us to educate their children, but what parents want us to really do is keep their children safe. I want you to know and them to know how serious we take that.” 


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