Sweetwater Receives Golf Ball Sized Hail

Out in Sweewater, over the past 24 hours, there's been rain, followed by rain, followed by yet more rain. 

"A lot of rain. It was all night and through the morning," commented one Sweetwater resident. 

But after all that rain, almost 4 inches in total, early this morning there was something different. 

"Right as we were cooking breakfast the power went out and then the hail started," stated Grant Madden, the city's fire chief. 

Another Sweetwater lady said the falling ice looked like flurries. 

"It looked like snow, just like snow," she said. 

But those flurries were large enough to take to a driving range. 

"Some were bigger or smaller but this is a golf ball I have and you can see that some of these are wider than the golf ball," Madden stated. 

The hail left the tell-tale pockmarks over vehicles. 

"My new city truck took some dents, nothing too severe, didn't break the glass," he continued. 

And according to Nolan County Sheriff's office, the hail didn't cause any major damage throughout town. 

"Eventful morning in Sweetwater, but if this is what it takes to get some rain, we'll take it," finished Madden.

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