Sweetwater Teacher Shares Her Passion for Holocaust Literature with Students

(SWEETWATER, Texas) - Monday is National Day of Rememberance. People around the world are honoring the 6 million Jews and others that were killed in the Holocaust. In the Big Country, those lost are being honored by a Sweetwater teacher and her class.

Ami Houston has been an english teacher at Sweetwater High School for six years.

"Mrs. Houston, she's probably my favorite teacher I've ever had and she's just been really supportive and enthusiastic," sophomore Julia Rees says.

On Monday, her english class was more like a history class."

"I never really knew more about how it started just more about like the camps and like how were liberated," Rees says.

She's talking about the Holocaust. A time in history that her teacher has taken an interest in researching and learning more about.

"I became passionate about Holocaust literature when I read a book," Houston says. "I attended a series of trainings which further fueled my passion about Holocaust literature. So, we tie in the history with it so they can see what the background looks like with the novel," Houston says.

After reading the novel with her class, she decided to honor those who lost their lives in the Holocaust in her classroom.

"Then I thought, what if we did something for the community they bought into it. So, we decided to not just limit our experience to the classroom but  to bring in the community and display kind of what we've been doing in our school," Houston says.

Now they're preparing to share what they've learned about the Holocaust to their community.That's all thanks to a book and their teachers passion.

The students will host a candle light vigil, guest speakers and origianl works of poetry, choreography and writing at their Day of Rememberance Ceremony Monday at the SHS Library at 7 pm.

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