Taylor County property tax rates are on the rise

ABILENE, Texas (KTAB) - It's tax time for local governments as they work to set budgets for the upcoming fiscal year. That includes some changes to tax rates in the Big Country.

Taylor County tax rates have increased to 60.31 cents per $100 of value. That's an increase of 6.81 cents. Taylor County Auditor Elijah Anderson explains that "This is a hard budget time. We had a $6m deficit we started with in the general fund." He continues, adding that deciding on a budget "was a long process, and it's always in the taxpayer's interest to see what we can do with the money we have."

It's a similar story in Abilene. There, the tax rate is soon to be set in September 12th's council meeting. The proposed rate is a nearly 4 percent increase to a total of 77.51 cents per $100.

Abilene City Manager Robert Hanna says that the city has roughly $15m of projects, and "There's no other way to do this sort of thing." Hanna says the community has needs that won't "be solved by wishful thinking. We're going to have to roll our sleeves up and get them done."

Putting this into perspective, if you have a house that's worth $100,000, you could be looking at taxes around $1,400 between county and city taxes. When it comes to the Abilene ISD, things are a bit different because property values are on the rise as well.

The rising values mean that the school district will collect more in taxes, so the school board elected to slightly lower the tax rate. AISD Finance Director Melissa Irby says, "We have a pretty healthy balance in our debt service fund right now, so there's no need for us to tax at that same rate, just because we don't need that money to repay our debt. "

Despite the lower rates, many taxpayers will be paying a bit more to the school.

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