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Texas Forest Service is urging residents to use extreme caution to prevent wildfires

(KFDX) - With tomorrow shaping up to be another very high fire risk day, the Texas Forest Service is asking all residents to exercise extreme caution in outdoor activities that could ignite fires.

The forest service has responded and helped fight  40 fires in the last week, affecting 60,000 acres. Officials say with the high winds we have been experiencing, it only takes one small spark to become a raging wildfire in just seconds.

They advise you to postpone outdoor burning until winds die down,  avoid parking  and idling in tall grass, 

Never set a hot chainsaw or other hot equipment in dry grass, and if you do start or spot a fire, report it immediately before it can get out of control.

Also be very aware if you are outside and see a fire approaching, to leave the area immediately because wind-driven fires can move extremely fast.

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