Texas gas station closures spark Abilene fuel-frenzy


ABILENE, Texas (KRBC) - Gas stations throughout the Key City have fallen victim to frantic customers, wanting to fill-up before it is too late.

The question is should the people in the Big Country worry?

Pump after pump, Abilenians were seen swarming gas stations around the Key City, fearing a gas shortage after Hurricane Harvey ravaged The Gulf Coast.

"I thought there was a surpluss of gas and I think that they're just capitalizing on the hurricane and I think we're just feeding on the frenzy," gas customer Madeline Evans said.

Several gas stations in the metroplex have closed because they have run out of gas, so Evans says she is filling up just in case.

"I heard that prices are going up and my daughter called me from Carrolton this morning and said that yesterday, gas prices were $2.15 and that this morning it was $2.48," Evans said.

Doctor Paul Mason is the dean of the school of business at McMurry University and also happens to be a local gas expert.

He said the people of Abilene should have no fear.

"I think a number of our local gasoline stations get their refined gasoline from the other direction. Not from The Gulf, but rather from the West," Dr. Mason said.

Dr. Mason said there is a gas shortage in the Dallas area but it is only short-term and that those panicking here in the Key City may be causing the gas prices to increase.

"What I've seen is that some of those refineries will get up and go over the weekend and by the end of next week, things should be going to being relatively normal," Dr. Mason said.

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