The Big Country Helps Out the Panhandle

Eastland County Sends Over 700 Rolls of Hay and $4,000

EASTLAND COUNTY, Texas (KRBC)- Hundreds of hay bales and thousands of dollars were sent to the High Plains this weekend.

After the devastating fires in the Panhandle burned over 500,000 acres of land,  big help is coming from right here in the big country

Local churches, companies and community members are lending a hand to send hay bales, fencing, and much more.

"Back in the 50's, Amarillo sent hay down to us when we were in a drought, so now it's time to return the favor!" Explained Frank Robinson Jr, a Pastor at the Church of God Prophecy in Ranger.

Eastland County and the surrounding cities have donated up to a little less than 200 rolls of hay this past weekend and plan to send almost 700 up north.

"Even though we don't know any of the guys up there we want to help them out in any way possible." Explained Robinson.

Whether it's 500 dollars or 20, a lot of local community members are giving whatever they can.

"To see your town pull together, and to back this situation is an awesome deal." Said Robinson.

According to Bill Riehle, the owner of H & R Feed, he had a dozen of people want to help him out with loading the hay, transporting it and donating it.

"One lady picked up thirty rolls yesterday evening and our truck left Saturday, and I've got to load another load this morning." Said Riehle.

Riehle also told KRBC that those in the Panhandle need more than hay

"What they're telling me they need is feed and t-posts and wire", added Riehle.

Groups have already been forming in Abilene as well as other cities to help bring fencing to the Panhandle.

More information on local efforts to aid the Panhandle wildfire victims can be found here:

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