The CALF Starts With a Bang

The CALF is here for the next two days and people are pumped. 

"We're excited, this is like our 6th year to go," commented one Abilene resident.

That is the exact number of  years the festival has been going on. And while it may have started smaller, that has all changed.

"Thousands of people pour into town for this event," stated Trish Dressen, public relations for the Abilene Conventions and Visitors Bureau.

According the ACVB, folks from all over the United States pour into town for this event and what they can expect is fun, fun, and yet more fun.

And perhaps the crown jewel of these fun days to come is that Garth Williams, renowned children's author, is being honored.

"That's especially exciting if you like charlotte's web," said another Abilene resident.

The crowds are only going to get bigger the farther into this festival we go. According the ACVB, other events going on right now, paired with the CALF, will bring in a total of about 5,200 people to Abilene by Saturday.

"That's $3,500,000 being pumped into local economy due to these events.

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