The Inspiring VIsion Behind Ridin' for Cash Bull Bash

SWEETWATER, Texas (KTAB) - The 8th annual Ridin' for Cash Bull Bash will be in Sweetwater on Saturday, February 18. It's a popular event each year at the Nolan County Coliseum. Thirty bull riders and 20 mutton busters come to compete in the bull bash, but this isn't just your normal rodeo.

Cash Miles is just like any other 10-year-old boy. He enjoys reading and music.

"I play a few instruments and I sing," Cash said.

But what makes Cash different is the way he sees the world. He was born with Optic Nerve Hypoplasia and is legally blind. He has no sight in his right eye and very little in his left eye.

"It's where his optic nerve is too small," Cash's father, Matt Miles explained. "His eyes are fine. His optic nerves are too small to relay the message to the back of his brain to tell him what he sees."

Matt says that this doesn't stop Cash. Eight years ago, the Ridin' for Cash Bull Bash was started to help kids like Cash.

"You're basically helping the visually impaired and the blind," Cash explained.

"We create awareness for visually impaired children in the area," Matt Miles explained. "We send families to camps and conferences for their children to get better knowledge on their situation."

The Ridin' for Cash Bull Bash has grown over the years, filling almost every seat, and everyone is there to support Cash.

"I don't know the word or how to describe it or anything," Cash said. "But, it's pretty exciting."

"I'm usually down here on the dirt getting everything ready," Matt said. "By the time 7:00 rolls around, I'll look up and I'll see everybody piling in and they'll be stacked all around through here and it chokes you up. You get real proud of where you come from."

Cash won't actually be riding in the event. Instead, you can find him at the announcers stand helping announce the riders.

For more information on the Ridin' for Cash Bull Bash, click here. 

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