The man from May and his days in the caves

Jeff tucker is a Big Country man who was once a firefighter and an arson bomb investigator.

"Which is a fancy way of saying I investigated fires and took bombs apart for a living," commented Jeff.

"Several months ago Jeff was approached by The Discovery Channel and asked to be in a new survival show that entailed living in a pitch dark cave for six days.

"I said ok," he exclaimed.

On May 28th Jeff and two others flew out to the Ozarks and were dropped in different locations inside a cave named the Head of the Seven Serpents.

"I was in there for a day and a half before I heard someone ask for help," Jeff commented.

Enter Brandon Lee, "I found him and he turned out to be a firefighter in Shreveport Louisiana and we bonded immediately," Jeff went on.

These two, and one other, progressed on their journey facing complete dark.

"You're constantly trying to see something and you can't even see your hand in front of your face," said Jeff.

More than once the darkness led to hallucinations, Jeff says they saw light where there wasn't, an old miner with a tin cup, and something much stranger.

"I did see a 3-foot tall Porky Pig, but I was able to turn him off."

The lack of light led to at least one slip up that almost resulted in tragedy.

"I didn't know how long I was going to be falling or how deep it was," stated Brandon.

"That was one of the moments where it wasn't scary, it was just all too real," continued Jeff.

On the sixth day, the men left the cave, and saw the light.

"After not having it for so long, it was powerful. All of us became extremely emotional about all of it," said Jeff.

Moving away from the cave, Brandon and Jeff have become inseparable.

"We're like best friends, we talk everyday," said Brandon.

"So it's like I've found another family living out in Louisiana," Jeff went on.

And in regards to caves, Jeff has only one thing to say, "If I ever go back in a cave again, I will have light, I will have food, I will have water."

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