The Rhythm of Life

In January of 2016, Dalton Wood, a man from Oklahoma, had his life changed forever.

"I got a phone call that my daughter and her mother had been in a car accident," commented Dalton. 

His daughter, Mckenzie was care flighted to a hospital, having to be resuscitated 3 times in transit.

"By the second day we knew she wasn't going to make it," he continued. 

At the same time, here in Abilene, a couple was struggling to find a heart transplant to save Layla,their baby girl.

"There were several doctors that told us that she might die. We just had to have hope and pray everything was going to be OK," stated Amy Santos, Layla's mother.

Soon after, Dalton's daughter passed, her organs donated with the intention of helping to spare others a similar loss.

"All she wanted to do was help people," said Dalton. 

Mckenzie's heart finds its way to Layla, in Abilene, doctors say it was a perfect match.

"The doctors say as soon as they took the clamps off it started beating, like it was meant to be," said Matthew Santos, Layla's father. 

Almost a year after the transplant, the two families accidentally find each other over Facebook and setup a meeting so that the one family can hear Mckenzie's heart, inside of Layla.

I had a  chance to ask Dalton what he heard, and after a long pause he let me know.

"I heard what I had wanted to hear for a long time," he said. 

And that sound, that simple rhythm, is something Layla's parents can't say enough about.

"I get to hear that heart beat every single day. I don't take it for granted, I listen to the beautiful sound of life in my little girl's heart every day," finished Matthew.

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