The very lost, quite mysterious cemetery

He may not wear a fedora or crack a whip, but in Abilene there's a man who makes it his mission maintain and rediscover pieces Taylor county history.

His name is Jack North, a member of the Taylor County Historical Commission, recently he and other members have been working to catalog all of the rural cemetery's in the county.

"Over 2 Sundays I put about 80 miles on the car and photographed the entrances to the cemeteries," stated Jack.

According to the Historical Commission, old records indicate the existence of 17 rural cemeteries in Taylor county, but after a thorough investigation, Jack only was able to find 16. The last, Happy Valley's cemetery, has gone missing.

So, what happened?

"That's a good question," Jack commented.

Following the initial hunt, members of the Historical Committee reached out to locals in the area for leads on the missing graveyard.

"Got a couple calls asking about the Happy Valley cemetery, but I've lived here all my life and I've never heard of that," commented Lane Jackson, a resident of Shep.

According to all accounts, nobody, including those who have lived in the area for over 70 years, have ever heard of the mysterious resting place.

"So I don't know that it exists, but if it does, I hope we find it," finished Lane.

But despite no leads so far, and every indication to its not existing at all, the search will continue.

"I'll go out when I have the chance," finished Jack.

And hopefully some day, the book can be closed on this enigma that is part of history in our neck of the woods.

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