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The Wall that Heals is now in Eastland

ABILENE, Texas (KRBC) - The Wall that Heals, a traveling 3/4th replica of the Washington D.C. Vietnam Veterans Memorial now in Eastland, Texas.
"They did not get the welcome home that they deserve and they deserve every bit of accolade they got today," said Carla Ramsay, Help Get The Wall To Eastland.

This traveling wall helps gives people who can't go Washington D.C. a way to remember the fallen.
"I am glad to see it. It brings back good memories and bad memories but I am glad to see it's here for the other people," said Bill Brister, Veteran.

Voulnteers spent all day Wednesday setting up the wall. Even 60 Eastland High School football players lending a helping hand.
"We are going to help set it up. We are showing are respect to them for what they did, fought for our great country and pauing our respects," said Zachary Brown, a football player at Eastland High School.

A few of the thousands of names etched into the wall carry a little extra meaning for a few Big Country families.

"Every county that connects to Eastland county plus Taylor County will be featured on the video board so you'll get to see their name, their biography, a little bit about them and where they served. So I think it is a pretty special thing for us to know that these people came from our communities. They were sons, daughters, fathers, grandfathers of all of us so it's a pretty special thing," said Ramsay.

A local Eastland company called EBAA Iron made 15 hundred of these medallions to hand out to people who come see the wall. The shape has a special meaning.

"The bottom is missing because those are the people that still are missing, from the Vietnam War. It is also flat on the edge so it actually can stand and umm sorry I am tearing up and that's for the people that came home, they can stand up and be proud of their service and they deserve that," said Ramsay.

The memorial is free to the public and will be open 24 hours everyday until 12 p.m. on Sunday when it will be packed up and moved to a new location.

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