Transformation Church holds first service in Cinemark Theatre

ABILENE, Texas (KTAB) - Hours before the 10 a.m. sermon, there was a flurry of activity as the Transformation Church prepared for the day ahead.

"It is exciting but overwhelming", says hospitality director Amanda Ruiz. "God has big plans for Transformation Church. I'm excited to see where He's going."

Years of planning led up to this day, and it comes down to a few hours of work to set up sound systems, lighting, and get ready for the congregation.

Why wait until the last minute? That's because Transformation Church isn't exactly a church. It isn't even in its own building. Transformation Church is set to open each Sunday in the new Cinemark Theatre in North Abilene.

Youth leader Ryan Gillim says that the change of scenery will bring a fresh look to church. He says, "We know we're going to have a lot of the younger generation coming in, so making sure that everything is new, to date. Making church look new and different instead of what churches look like today."

The church isn't meant only for young people. Lead Pastor Michael Chandler says that they are "reaching out into the city." He goes on to say that they are "looking for people who don't have a church, who maybe had a church before, but had a bad taste in their mouth. We wanted to create a place where they can come and experience God's presence all over again."

A number of people did show up on the first day for this slightly different take on what defines "going to church."

Prayer evangelist leader Dorothy Clay spoke for all the people who worked to build Transformation Church, saying,"We are just elated. What an opportunity, what a privilege that Father God in Heaven would consider us to be colaborers in this great, great work. It's almost unreal. I'm just so grateful that He included us to be a part of His work."

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