Tuscola man shoots rifle and hits target three miles away

TUSCOLA, Texas (KTAB) - From the Winters Freeway straight down South First to Lincoln Middle School is just shy of three miles.  Think you can hit a target with a rifle from that distance? It's been done by a Tuscola man.

Bill Poor has been shooting for a while now.

"Probably on and off for the last 20 years," Poor said.

But three years ago he set his sights on a goal.

"I have actually hit 4,020 yards a couple of months back in Brenham, Texas and then I hit two miles last year," Poor said.

Poor wanted to hold the record for the longest shot.

"A guy by the name of Charlie Milton actually hit 5,000 yards probably six months ago in Utah and so that was the last record," Poor said.

He finally made it happen.

"And it's just been building up and trying to beat this," Poor said.

It took a custom built rifle and a lot of science.

"You know the atmosphere and the density altitude and how the bullet travels and how high it will go," Poor said.

In just eight shots, Poor was able to hit his target three miles away.

It's uncertain whether Guinness World Records will accept Poor's shot as the new standard because of the scope on his rifle.

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