Two Abilene men indicted in child pornography investigation

ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) - Two Abilene men have been indicted during a child pornography investigation. 

Callen Benavides and David Guerrero were both indicted for Possession of Child Pornography Thursday. Guerrero was also indicted for Tampering with Evidence.

Court documents state police first contacted Benavides after tracing an IP address linked to child pornography sharing to a business in Abilene.

Benavides was located at the business and during a subsequent interview, he showed police his cell phone, which contained several images of child pornography he admitted to downloading, according to the documents, which state investigators were also able to determine he sent some of the images to a 'David'.

Guerrero was eventually identified as the 'David' and the documents state he admitted to receiving child pornography images from Benavides.

The documents also state Guerrero had a new phone during his interview with detectives and admitted he smashed his old phone because he knew it was evidence and that police were coming for him.

Guerrero also admitted to downloading "a bunch of child pornography" on his laptop then deleting it all, according to the documents, which state he admitted to downloading child pornography at work as well. 

Both men were released from jail after posting bond. 

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