Using radiofrequency to treat chronic pain

In this day and age there's a pill for almost everything. There's a pill to sleep, a pill to help with the restroom, and of course tons of pills to help with all sorts of aches and pains, especially chronic ones.

"Chronic pain is something where sometimes the only option we have is medication," Greg Young the manager of the Hendrick Professional Pharmacy.

However, it doesn't always have to be the only option. A new procedure, being offered at Hendrick, which is minimally invasive might be the answer many are looking for to aid with neck, back, hip, and knee pain.

"The idea is that if we can lessen your pain, you can take less of your pain medication," stated Dr. Paul Watts, a pain management physician with Hendrick.

Currently treatment for these areas include steroid injections, surgeries, and of course medications. However, according to Hendrick, steroid shots may have to be repeated frequently, medications only provide short term reliefs and have the possibility of creating dependencies, and not everyone is eligible for surgery. Again, this procedure might provide what many are looking for.

"So this is a COOLIEF radio frequency machine, which is are big doctor words for, we can cauterize nerves that sense pain, specifically to the knee and hip to help to alleviate people's comfort," stated Dr. Watts.

Studies show that the pain relief can last for up to 24 months, and that's 24 months one could avoid taking medications.

"The longer you're on medication, the increased chance there is for a long term complication from the medicine," finished Young.

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