West Texas Rehab Center hopes to recover from falsified drug test arrests

ABILENE, Texas (KTAB) - Two Abilene men have been arrested for allegedly tampering with drug tests that Child Protective Services uses to test parents looking to regain custody of their children.

Police say that Shawn Franklin and Walter Williams both admitted to trading sexual favors for "clean" hair that would help give negative results on those tests.

The situation came to light after CPS workers confronted individuals about their passing tests. Those individuals then said that they'd recieved help from Franklin and Williams. CPS passed this information along to police.

Jessi Bailey, of West Texas Rehab Center says that no one at the Center was aware of the problem until police came. Bailey says that this is an unusual situation, "not anything that we've ever dealt with before."

Bailey says that all employees, Franklin and Williams included, are subject to extensive pre employment screening. She says, "We do interviews. We do reference checks. We take that very seriously."

The WTRC says that this event does not define them, and they hope to move on from this. Bailey says, "This is not something that we want the community to identify us by."

When going to the listed addresses of both men, neither were available for comment.

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