Community Speaks Out About Tom Niblo

Senter Realtors, United Way and Stephens Wild Game Processsing Speak Highly

ABILENE, Texas (KRBC)- It has been a little over 24 hours since Tom Niblo was found dead in his own home and community members are mourning his loss.

Dr. Cathy Ashby, the President and CEO of United Way, told KRBC that Tom was a huge financial supporter.

Tom's daughter, Elizabeth Niblo Wallace, is a member of the United Way Board and has given back just as her father and the rest of her family has in the past.

"She's a third, fourth, fifth generation of the family to be civic minded and to give back", said Ashby.

Tom Niblo was also big into hunting. He processed his deer meat at a local processing shop here in town.

Brent Stephens, owner of Stephens Wild Game Processing, said that Tom was one of those guys that was real special.

Stephens also added that "He [Niblo] came in and asked for nothing but gave everything".

Tom was known for giving the deer meat to families around town that were less fortunate.

"Tom was special, big ole' guy, just a teddy bear. Everybody loved Tom." Explained Stephens.

The Senter Realtors are also having a difficult time taking in the situation.

"It's, of course, difficult for all of us here. I mean, almost everybody here knew him", said Shay Senter, coworker and family friend of Tom.

Senter also said that you always knew when Tom was around from his big laugh and vibrant personality.

"He had a great personality, always had energy and life. It's kind of that, you know, old cowboy feel. He just had that good laugh, big smile, you know, just fun to be around and fun to work with!" Added Senter.

Senter told KRBC's Amber Treybig that they his father, along with Tom and a few others, went on a hunting trip a while back.

"Tom loved to hunt and always cracked jokes", said Senter.

According to Senter, Tom was extremely dedicated to his work and was one of the top commercial agents in town.

Senter Realtors, United Way and Stephens Wild Game Processing all said they will miss having Tom around.



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