Wildcat Stadium hypes up ACU

Judging by reactions from a great many ACU students, parents, and staff the following is an example of the general vibe on ACU's campus regarding the new Wildcat Stadium.

"Like, it's so amazing, it's so exciting," commented Yves Ngenzd, an ACU freshman. 

Students have been telling KRBC since the start of the construction, through today, that they feel the stadium will help to bring the ACU community closer together.

"I feel like it's creating a sense of community and home, a place where we can all gather round and cheer for our team" stated Mariah Broadbent, another freshman.  

"I'm looking forward to different people from around the city coming here and cheering, go wildcat, go wildcat, go wildcat," continued Ngenzd. 

Many have said that multimillion dollar project makes sense from a traveling perspective.

"It just seems a lot easier to the student body and everyone who lives near campus," stated Megan Thomason, a third ACU freshman. 

And others are pumped up by the creation of what many hope to be new traditions, like the wildcat walk, essentially a mini parade/pep rally, and also on campus tailgating.

In all, students are convinced that if you live in town or simply have an affinity for ACU, football games hosted at Wildcat Stadium, are something you won't want to miss.

"It's really pretty, everyone should come out and see it, and go wildcats," finished Broadbent. 

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