Wildcat Stadium is on its Way

Construction of ACU's Wildcat stadium is progressing quickly and many students are getting excited.

"There's so much going on behind us, they're making a new stadium, it's going to be incredible, it's going to be such a great experience for student life," commented William Mince, an ACU junior.

The stadium, which will have a capacity to seat around 8,500 fans, is projected to be done in time for the 2017 season and the work site crew expects the field to start coming along in the next 3 or so weeks.

"It's going to be the first on campus football stadium in more than 50 years," commented Haley Remenar, an ACU junior.

This means no more driving to games across town.

"We're going to have games right here. Everyone is going to be able to come together and walk to games," commented William.

According to these guys and gals, that means a more close knit football community and increased school spirit.

"But people always find something to complain about," stated Haley.

Many are concerned that increased traffic in the area could mean folks parking in front of their houses.

"Or blocking traffic on Judge Ely or Ambler and things may get a little complicated on game days," commented Tori Aldana, an ACU senior.

But the new construct has the potential to be more than just good or bad, it could be iconic.

"I think it's definitely impacting our skyline," said Tori.

Haley says when she thinks ACU she thinks of two structures in particular.

"I know that when I drive in I always look for the Bible Building and the Tower of Light. So it's going to be really exciting coming in from the other side and looking for this," she stated.

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