Woman in search of her son during Mental Health Awareness Week

The first week of October presents an opportunity to provide awareness for mental illnesses.

"Around one in five adults in America have some sort of anxiety issue," said Samantha Manski, Executive Director for the Mental Health America of Abilene.

"There's a powerful place that each of us can play in the role of helping those who have mental health challenges," said Manski.

Manski says mental health issues can happen to anyone.  58 percent of older adults have symptoms of depression, and anxiety disorders affect about 18 percent of adults between 18 and 54. Only 37% of those adults get treatment.

 "There is a level of recovery for just about everybody and sometimes when in a middle of crisis, or when we first get diagnosed, or if we don't have proper supports in our life, and we're struggling, and we think we're not going to make it, but honestly, we can."

In Abilene, a woman's 35 year old son, Jerome Romey Allsup of Tye, has gone missing. She says he is diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia.

"I would be very surprised if he still has a car or an ID or keys," said Susan Williams, Romey's mother. "He might not even know his name."

The last time Williams saw her son was September 20th, when he was driving in his blue Mustang.

"He doesn't know to ask someone to help him get home," said Williams. "He is 35, but on his best medicated days, he's about 15 developmentally."

Williams said that his medications are completely out of his system, and as a result is "probably at about a 10 year old level."

The last sighting of Romey was reported in Clyde.

"He could be under any bridge or any ditch in this country," said Williams.

Williams says the most recognizable feature of her son is his tattoo on his neck that spells "Romey." Despite his name being Romey, if sighted, he may not respond to the name.

If you see Romey Allsup, call the police.

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