Woman says teeth knocked out during minor surgery

FORT WORTH, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) - A North Texas woman woke up from a routine procedure to find an unexpected surprise.

The woman, Gail Tapp, went to USMD Hospital in Fort Worth for a routine bladder surgery. When she woke up, she found that she was missing her front teeth.

According to CBSDFW, doctors told her husband that three teeth were knocked out accidentally when they were removing the breathing tube.

Tapp's husband, Manuel Dominguez, told CBSDFW that he was handed a small box containing the teeth, and was also told that the hospital would cover the cost of the dental work.

That work would cost nearly $15,000, due to Tapp having a permanent bridge.

CBSDFW reports that the hospital refused to reimburse them. Even though dental insurance covered a small part, the couple was left to pay for most of the bill on their own.

Because Tapp had signed documents saying she understood the risks of the procedure, USMD's insurance company has denied paying for the dental work.

The couple had battled with the hospital for months before finally reaching out to Consumer Justice for help. For now though, the couple is stuck with a dental bill they never expected.

Experts are suggesting dental guards to protect teeth during procedures.

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