World War 1 dog tag returns home after nearly 100 years

Meet Mr. John Millican, an avid history buff whose closest friend may have been his Great Uncle Willie.

Interesting point about Willie, he served in World War 1.

"He would tell about different stories about the war," stated John.

And, as you may have guessed, those stories are where John's fascination with history comes from.

Now Uncle Willie is gone, but his history loving great nephew, armed with a blog, has made sure he is not forgotten.

"It was to honor him."

In September Willem Schmidt, a man living in France, saw the blog, contacted John, and told him he had found his great uncle's dog tag while digging in his garden.

After corresponding for a time, Willam mailed the tag to John.

Sure enough, after 100 years, this piece of family history, had come home.

Attached to the tag, a note from Willam indicating his joy at the end of this long journey.

"There he is at home where he belongs. Give him a good place in your collection so I can sleep quietly," read John from the note.

Of course, these two men are basically family now.

And Uncle Willie, though gone, is continuing to do what he loves best.

"He believed in helping others. In fact that was on his tombstone."

If anything qualifies taking care of others, it's forging new friendships, and of course helping anyone live their life, to the fullest.

"He's helped me through my life, and he was a hero of mine. I believe his spirit is here," finished John.

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