Wylie High student hailed hero for fighting fire

Wylie High student hailed hero for...

ABILENE, Texas (KTAB) - Dry and windy conditions have plagued the Big Country for awhile. It’s helped to spark grass fires across the area including inside Abilene city limits. 


A fire sparked in the backyard of a home in a Wylie neighborhood while Cody Davis, a junior at Wylie High was on his way home from school. 


“I see four or five people just standing around. I saw an older man run around to that fence right there and I kind of pieced together, something is wrong,” says student, Cody Davis. 


It was. A Yucca bush was burning behind a home and a locked fence stood in the way. 


Davis adds, “I jumped over it and was immediately hit by smoke. It was kind of bad. The wind was pretty bad that day. “


Davis didn't hesitate when it came to doing what he could to put the fire out, “As I was putting it out, I took off my shirt and prevented it from spreading to the fence anymore. One of bushes was completely gone.” 


A neighbor was able to to get him a hose to finish the job before Abilene firefighters arrived on scene.


Davis say, “I’m glad you were able to get there on time. It could've been worse and could've been more than these two houses right here.”


“From what the fire department told us, he immediately called 911 and he tried to do what he could do before they got there. If he didn't do that, we would've lost our home,” says homeowner, Staci Blubaugh. 


Blubaugh is forever grateful of Davis’ heroic actions, “It was a selfless act.”


With the help of her coworker, Davis was recognized at school by Abilene Mayor Anthony Williams and Abilene Fire Chief, Larry Bell. 


“I so appreciate your example and what you displayed for us all,” said Mayor Anthony Williams during a surprise ceremony for Davis on the Wylie High campus. 


“It was a bit rewarding and scary at the same time,” says Davis. 


Blubaugh and Davis had never met but after the fire, one thing is clear, “We’ll be friends forever now.


Rudy Fernandez, a well-known Abilene DJ talked to the city about the celebration for Cody Davis on campus. Black Box Pizza in Abilene also received word that Cody Davis had his pizza trampled over during the fire. The company decided to award Cody free pizza for a year. 

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