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Zoning decisions from City Council could change the look of Abilene

ABILENE, Texas (KTAB) - In Thursday's meeting, a number of zoning changes took center stage. A quartet of rezoning items allow businesses to grow across Abilene.

The first item deals with Boys Ranch Road. What is currently open space has been made a combination of heavy industrial and general commercial zones. The commercial area will be near Loop 322; it is planned for a hotel. The area north of that will be warehousing and other industrial use.

Next, Lone Star Dry Goods has had their zoning changed from light industrial to central business. This won't change the way they do business, but it is part of the larger move to removing industrial zones from Downtown Abilene.

A different location is already in the central business zone, but has changed to a development. Developer John Scott has taken the unused 700 block of Orange Street and brought new life to the plot of land. One townhome has already been built on the property, and more are set to join it.

These modern houses feature upscale design, and rooftop access, designed to bring an urban living feel to the area near Downtown. "We wanted something that would improve this area, but also compliment the area.", says Scott. Looking ahead to the future, Scott adds, "We're hoping to maybe do some other cool stuff around here, if possible."

Moving away from zoning, the City Council also has chosen to flip flop their meetings. Now, the first meeting of each month will be held in the morning, and the second meeting will be held in the afternoon.

Council also voted to approve changes to CityLink routes. "There's been lots of opportunity for input from our stakeholders and our customers.", says Director of Transportation Don Green. That input over the course of several months has been what's allowed the plans to change and evolve, working the kinks out of the system. The new routes are expected to go online in less than two months. At that point, they will go through a six month trial period to insure that the new routes are working as planned.

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