McMurry Sports Program Survives Another Day; Board Tables Proposals

No noise, no soul in sight. Nothing but empty chairs and couches in the lobby of McMurry's Campus Center. The same place an important meeting was being held.

Board of Trustees were in the Mabee Room, holding a private meeting to decide what changes they would make in the university's academic and athletic programs.

When the trustees came out, I was waiting, for answers.

One board member tells me, "I really hate to be the one doing that. I don't want to be the one on camera doing that."

I ask another board member, "Can you tell me a little bit about what's going on? If you all are reaching a decision for the sports?"

Dr. Paul Fabrizio says, "We will have a release a little later on today. So we'll have to put those words together."

Those words finally came at five o'clock Friday afternoon.

The board voted to table proposals for changes in academic and athletic programs. They say they will, "appoint a task force to prepare a more comprehensive look at the issues McMurry is facing as it grows and strategically positions itself for the future."

From the initial email students were sent on Monday to Friday's verdict, student-athletes say they feel like they have been kept in the dark.

"I've heard it's mainly money. We haven't heard too many details about it," says Brock Kimball.

Some even feel like they have been  betrayed.

Soccer captain, Tyler Tarango says, "After doing so good this year and then this happening. I still feel like I got stabbed in the back."

Although Friday's decision took a turn many athletes, who will potentially be affected,  did not expect, this soccer captain says he is done fighting. He just wants the honest answer to one question.

Tarango says, "We understand things happen. We understand people get fired. We understand that happens. We just want to know why? The true reason why."

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