Merkel Junior High Takes Region 14 Lonestar Math Cup Win

Merkel Junior High Takes Region 14 Lonestar Math Cup Win

84 students, 4 weeks, and over 31,000 complex math problems makes Merkel Junior High School the Region 14 winner of the "Think Through Math Lonestar Math Cup".

The students were honored at an awards celebration Tuesday afternoon.

It all started out as a competition among 7th grade math classes, each lesson completed meant another link on the paper chain,"each class had a different color, and that really got them motivated to try to get ahead of each other each week, and just that motivation to beat each other in our own class lead them to win this," says math teacher Janeigh Stalling.

Within that competition, some students set personal goals and were awarded for solving the most problems.

Students earn think points for everything that they do in the program and can redeem those points for an avatar, or a classroom party. The TTM founder, "has a huge heart so he'll back up the kids with real money if they want to donate to a charity, and then contests like this, and a lot of times food is a way to a students heart," says Texas TTM Instructional Coach Jazmine Medrano.

The ice cream parties and pizza parties are what several students say was their biggest inspiration.

While MJH completed over 31,000 math problems, across the entire state more than 102 million math problems were completed within the four weeks.

The "Think Through Math" web-based system was purchased for all Texas schools by the TEA.,  it helps students with their STARR scores because the material in the lessons aligns with what teachers are required to teach.

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