Mitchell County Plans Development for Oil Boom

At first glance, this empty plot of land may look like, well, just that. But Mitchell County is planning on using it in prepartion for the oil boom.

"If the Cline Shale does what we anticipate it will do,I think we will be faced with a large growth population," said Mitchell County judge Ray Mayo.

In the next few years, judge Mayo tells us that they're expecting to see the population of Colorado City double. Which means, they'll need more space.

"We need hotel space, we need housing, we need lots of things," said judge Mayo. "And this is one way to help that."

He's talking about two pieces of property in Colorado City that will be turned into housing, hotels, restaurants and even some industrial properties.

"Growth means jobs, and everybody's looking for jobs," said Colorado City local Debbie Daniel. So I don't see how this could be a bad thing."

"This will create jobs as well. Especially the industrial park. The hotels will employee people," explained judge Mayo.

This could even save tax payer money. The residential plans would add value to the properties: anywhere from $25 to 40 million. And the commercial and industrial plan would add anywhere from $48 to 60 million in value...

"so there'd be a lot of value added to the tax rolls which would help us cut the tax rate, we hope."

And colorado city locals say it's a step in the right direction...

"it's a good start. I'd love to see a super walmart get built here. But i know the population, until we get it up it's not going to happen.


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