Mosquito Season is Back

Published 05/12 2014 05:28PM

Updated 05/13 2014 09:48PM

Aaron Vannoy points to a small tub of water that is being used as a breeding ground for mosquito study.

"Swimming way over there," he said pointing to a small speck of what looks like dirt in the water. "It's wiggling up and down now coming back up to the surface right here in the corner."

Vannoy said that even the smallest amounts of water can breed thousands of mosquitoes.

"Say that this is sitting under your leaky faucet in the back yard and just sitting there throughout the summertime," he said. "It's gonna produce lots and lots of mosquitoes over the summertime."

Vannoy is the Animal Services Manager for the City of Abilene. He said, not only is mosquito season back, it may have never left in the first place.

"Adult mosquito's can winter over they can get under post and beam houses where it's gonna stay warm enough for them them to to survive."

He said even the smallest amounts of standing water can act as the perfect breeding grounds for them to lay their eggs. 

"You think about your small ring under your flower pot that can hold water for a few days that may be enough for a mosquito to hatch out." 

So, how do you prevent mosquito's from multiplying around your home?

"One; drain water, eliminate water sources, two; we put something in the water that the mosquito larvae will ingest that will prevent them from becoming adults," he said.

It's also important to repair those leaky pipes and faucets, and if you must have standing water nearby. 

"Maybe you've got a rain barrel and maybe you wanna use that water for a garden... go get you some mosquito dunks."

"If we can get folks to take care of the water, treat it, dump it, prevent mosquito's from getting into it, we can stop our mosquito problem."

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