Mother Reacts to Proposed Texting and Driving Ban

City of Abilene Rejects Ordinance that would Ban Texting and Driving

ABILENE, Texas (KRBC)- The House Committee on Transportation unanimously approved House Bill 62, a bill that would make texting and driving illegal statewide, during a hearing last Thursday morning.

But the City of Abilene felt different about the issue.

The City of Abilene has decided to not adopt an ordinance that would ban texting and other wireless activities while driving within city limits.City Council members declined the proposition by a vote of 5 to 2.

Some citizens of Abilene have issues with the amount of people who text and drive in city limits.

One particular mother got into an accident in April 2012 with her 22-month-old daughter.

"The lady was texting, she went right through the light and t-boned us." Said Lisa Capricciuolo.

After the impact, her car flipped three times and all she thought about was her daughter in the back seat.

"I was spitting out glass and I'm just concerned about my 22-month-old who as in the back, that's all I could think about was her and if she was okay!" Explained Capricciuolo.

The lady who hit her thought she had a green light, but she was looking down at her phone apparently checking Facebook as she ran through the red light.

"I had a green light and she just ran through the intersection and just hit us, that's just distracted driving."
Added Capricciuolo.

Texas is one of four states that currently don't ban texting and driving statewide, and Capricciuolo thinks it should be on the top of their list.

"I mean there's always going to be something, your putting on makeup or eating, but everyone's on their phones now, for everything, no one can get off of them!" Capricciuolo told KRBC.

After finding out that the City of Abilene declined the distracted driving ordinance, Capricciuolo couldn't understand.

"That makes me very angry, I think it should be illegal everywhere, I am very adamant about that!" Capricciuolo added.

According to statistics back in 2015, there were 284 crashes in Abilene caused by some sort of distracted driving.

Of those wrecks, there was one fatality and another 101 resulted in injury.

Capricciuolo told KRBC that she doesn't get why texting and driving isn't already illegal, especially since she was a victim of a distracted driver.

"I don't understand what the reasoning is to vote for it, I mean what is your reasoning, is someone's life just not worth that?" Continued Capricciuolo.

The mother and daughter are thankful to be alive, and hope to see an end to texting and driving soon.

"The impact was so strong that everybody who saw the accident couldn't believe that we walked out of it. Just don't text and text and drive." 


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