Neighbors Concerned with Packs of Dogs On The Loose

Published 05/22 2013 10:31PM

Updated 05/22 2013 10:46PM

A North Abilene couple is afraid a pack of dogs roaming around their neighborhood will soon prove to be dangerous.

Charles and Shirley Nowlin say more than five dogs are attacking them and their neighbors.

They've called Abilene Animal Control several times, however, they say their hands are tied.

When it comes to animals who have owners, Animal Control officials cannot take the dog away unless it has bitten someone and they have solid proof. 

An owner can be fined up to $50 for their loose dogs. 

In just one week officials say they've already received five calls from people complaining about stray dogs in that specific neighborhood. 

We tried to reach the owner of one of the homes where some of the dogs live, however, he refused to comment.

That's why the Nowlin's are afraid that it may be too late  before something is done.

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