Nephew of Ebola Survivor Shares Experience from Abilene

Published 08/22 2014 10:01PM

Updated 08/22 2014 11:20PM

After weeks of worrying about Dr. Kent Brantly, his nephew Brantly Houston is breathing a sign of relief.

When his family received the news of Dr. Brantly being sick they didn't find out it was the Ebola virus until a couple of days later.

"Since a good chunk of us were all together we, it was uh good that we had each other to lean on," said Brantly.

During Dr. Brantly's time in the hospital, Houston did speak to his uncle,

 "It's just my uncle and he's just sick so it was good to finally get to talk to him." 

With support from the family, Houston knew his uncle would live.

"I kinda just had a peace about it the whole time, um I was I was like wow this is a scary situation but I, I just had a feeling it was going to end well."

But it was tough to have the national spotlight on his family.

 "It was definitely surreal because his last name is my first name," said Houston, "so it's weird to turn on Anderson Cooper and him say Brantly is doing this, and I'm like that's not me but that's really weird."

Houston says the amount of outreach and prayer from the Abilene community was tremendous.

 "Our yard had been mowed, our fridge had been stocked, meals had been brought over."

Even after everything Dr. Brantly went through Houston would not be surprised if he  continues missionary work.

 "I would expect that he will be back in the missionary field um when, no clue but I will not be surprised at all um who knows he may even go back to Liberia someday."

Houston has not seen his uncle since he has been released from the hospital, he plans to see him over the holidays.

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