New Airsoft Course Brings New Opportunities to Abilene

Published 03/20 2013 09:27PM

Updated 03/20 2013 10:42PM

"It's pretty awesome," says Justin White.

An indoor close quarter battle course is quickly gaining popularity.

Now Airsoft lovers will have the opportunity to practice their skills at Castle Airsoft in Abilene.

White continues, "Most Airsoft is played outdoors. What we wanted to have an air-conditioned place where people can come play in a safe controlled environment."

Castle Airsoft is a unique course, being that it is the only indoor CQB course in the state of Texas.

It will be open to the public for recreation, but the company also has intentions of expanding their facility.

"We also want to be able to have the police department to come in and train have the military come in and train," White says.

Something that former Deputy Clinton Fielder says would greatly benefit local law enforcement.

"Training is number one in our line of work because you never know when that situation might occur," Fielder explains.

In order to prepare for those situations, adequate training is essential. With the price of ammunition on the rise, fielder says the new CQB course will provide a cheap and logical alternative.

"You have the ability to train in an enclosed environment that you can simulate many different situations," says Fielder.

White says, "Airsoft is taking off big time. It's actually becoming it's own sport."

One that could become more than just a game, but a simulation experience that could ultimately  save someone's life.

Castle Airsoft is located at 2636 Barrow and is scheduled to open by the first weekend in April.

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