New Beginnings Church Opens Their Doors With Freezing Temperatures

Published 11/22 2013 10:53PM

Updated 11/22 2013 11:31PM

With temperatures reaching freezing it's almost unsafe to be outside at night, but for some people that's their only options. A church in Brown County is opening their doors to help. New Beginnings Church will be open for the entire weekend,  feeding and giving shelter to those who need it.

The shelter is available to anyone who is homeless or has a family and can't provide dinner for their children. There is no shelter in Brownwood so the church wanted to give people a place they can turn to for help. Volunteers will stay over night to help and in the morning after breakfast a new volunteer will come in.
The church provides warm food, blankets, and clothes if needed.

The church offers more than just food. It allows people to have connections and see that others really care about them. The board member on the church hopes that people will open their eyes and that their are others out there who need help.

Mays says that if the weather continues like this until Thanksgiving someone will be here to help, and at some point the church would like to open up their shelter. Which would be open twenty-four hours a day, everyday of the year. Volunteers will also drive through the WalMart to help people if they need it and bring them to the church.

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