New Information on Statements Given by Officers Involved in Wade Incident

Last Friday we showed you the video that proved new Stephens County Sheriff Billy Wade was tased and pepper sprayed. Until last Friday, there was only speculation about the November 20th incident at the Breckenridge Golf Course between an off duty, intoxicated Wade, and a female officer. Now that you've seen the video, we are going to compare the dash cam video and the sworn statements given by the two officers who responded to the golf course that night.

In the Video of the incident between Billy Wade and Officer Adams it's hard to see what is happening but, when it's all over, the audio is clear as to what took place. In the video Officer Adams says "He was screaming and yelling at me and he tried to take my gun and I tased him and then he tried to get me into the truck and I sprayed him." Yet, in a statement given two weeks after the incident by Officer Adams, it does not mention Wade going for her weapon or trying to pull her into his truck.

What it DOES say is due to her physical stature compared to Wades she opted to use force, although in the statement she was not specific as to what kind of force. In a use of force form, also obtained by KTAB through the Freedom of Information Act, filled out the day of the incident by Adams, it shows Wade was tased in the chest and pepper sprayed in his eyes. The use of force form also says Wade was under the influence. In Officer Hayes' statement, also taken two weeks after the incident, he doesn't mention having to draw his taser, but you can see the laser from the taser on Wades' torso.

In both Adams and Officer Hays sworn statements, taken two weeks after the incident, both point to a medical problem with Wade. Hays specifically mentions diabetes, and both give that same reason for not arresting Wade, although medical attention was never called, even after Wade was tased.

The Attorney Generals office did not investigate saying there was not enough evidence. We are still attempting to get a comment from the Attorney Generals office and we are also trying to find out if they saw the video or just read the statements.

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