Nine Killed in Recent Wrecks; Community Reacts to Tragedy on the Roads

Six separate wrecks, five tragic days and nine lost lives.

"It just breaks your heart," Pam Dickson, of Hawley, said on Wednesday.

"I'm just really scared for all of us, and my family," added Charlotte Hayes.

"It's been kind of a shock to see so many accidents so quickly," said another driver.

For Charlotte Hayes, mother of seven and grandmother of 28, the latest rash of wrecks hits close to home.

"My grandson was in a wreck on Christmas day and I'm so thankful to the Lord everyday that he's okay. It just breaks my heart for these families," she said.

We know the roads can be dangerous -- and as a cross and roses on Hwy. 277 mark a 16-year-old wreck, even deadly.

Blake Burks expresses the sentiments many of us share during these difficult times.

"Why? That's all I can wonder, why is this happening?" Burks said.

While there's no clear answer just yet -- high winds, raised speed limits, and increased distractions could all play a part -- there is one thing many people agree on.

"People need to pay more attention, not text, not talk on the phone," Dickson said.

"People are not paying attention. That's what I always see, almost every day, people on their phones, iPads, laptops," Burks said.

Janay Williams agrees, saying "People don't watch, it can't happen to them, and it usually doesn't happen to them. It happens to people like me and you."

And like Charlotte Hayes said, it does happen, and the effects can last a lifetime.

"I just pray everyone will be careful so we don't have anymore," she said.

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