Owl Drug Store Brings Back Old-Fashioned Smiles

Old fashioned soda fountains were extremely popular during the 1950s. Unfortunately the majority of them disappeared.

Here in Coleman, Owl Drug Store remains open and so does their old fashion soda fountain which people say is still the place to be.

"We're always busy. Usually we open at eight and close at five and we're busy the whole time," says long time employee Teresa Bentley.

The fountain is packed with regulars...

"I've been eating here for about 12 years," says Ron Stubblefield.

And those eager to experience the old fashioned way of life.

"We have people the come from Austin and Dallas and Lubbock and Abilene and we make them feel at home," says Bentley.

From burger patties to buttermilk pie, the food is not only delicious but it's all made from scratch.

"I've ordered almost everything on the menu and at one time or another have eaten the same thing for a week," says Stubblefield.

In a world of fast food, what sets this place apart is not just their cuisine.

"You can get a hamburger anywhere but the people are what really make it special," says Stubblefield.

Some employees have been working here for over a decade and they are willing to go above an beyond to give the customer exactly what they want, no matter how strange the request may be.

"He wanted two honey buns in a hamburger patty and all the fixing and peanut butter. And that's what we fixed him because that's what he wanted," says Bentley.

Good food and good service seem to be the key to a successful fountain.

And for those that have come and gone...

"The ones that don't exist, don't exist for good reason," says Stubblefield.

This is year the soda fountain is celebrating their 90th anniversary.

The owner says large pharmacies, like CVS and Walgreens, have offered to purchase the property but he's not budging. Owl Old Fashioned Soda Fountain will be here for years to come.

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