Pedestrians Speak Out About South 1st

Published 07/29 2014 06:18PM

Updated 07/29 2014 06:40PM

"The pedestrian has the right of way."

No one believes this saying more, than Tony Stansell.

Whether or not there's a crosswalk, he says he is always watching out for cars. But sometimes, Tony said, it's the cars that are not watching out for him.

"They're either on their cell phone or worried about the cars next to them," he said.

Two of Tony's close friends who were also pedestrians, were killed on South First.

"I knew both of them, I knew Tina and I knew Mary that got hit by the cars crossing the street," he said.

Tony had a message for the city council and mayor:

"If the city council is listening and if Mr. Mayor you are listening, consider putting some crosswalks on South First or some flashing pedestrian lights, it would save a lot of grief," he said.

Tony's message may have been heard. There are several crosswalks already in place at several of the busy intersections of the stretch of road.

Tony also says that maybe he needs to be more careful when walking.

 "I play the leap frog, but I know what to look for, a lot of these people don't know what to look for," Stansell said.

The City of Abilene looked in to any other possible changes to South First after the frequent homeless deaths.

They say the Texas Department of Public Safety did an analysis on that area by looking at cross walks and lighting more closely. They determined everything was appropriate.

The city also added that in the past APD has bought reflectors vests for non profits, and those non profits give them out to homeless people, but not many of the homeless people have worn them.

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