People Gather as Hailey Dunn 'Missing' Billboard Comes Down

"I came by here everyday, said a little prayer for Hailey," said Kim Homeyer.

More than two years -- that's how long 13-year-old Hailey Dunn's face has been smiling down on drivers.

"I always looked up, I guess I won't look up at it anymore," said Michelle Green, who lives near the billboard and drove past it daily for years.

"It's an event. It's sad, but it's an event," said Kim Gentry, another Abilene resident.

A face that's captured the attention of people across the country -- and the hearts of many right here at home.

Homeyer stood taking photos of the billboard on Ambler Ave. and the Winters Freeway Monday morning, as crews from Lamar Advertising took down the vinyl that had stood there, off and on, for more than two years.

"I'm going to post it on Facebook, I have friends and family all over the country who saw it on the national news and I said, 'Yes, they found her,'" she said.

While the news of Dunn's remains being found in Scurry County came as a shock, it also provided a sense of closure for many in our community, like Colorado City native Michelle Green.

"I didn't know the little girl, but it still hurts. I have a niece the same age as her," she said. "That's all people ever wanted, was for her to come home."

"It's sad, but now at least they can put her to rest," Homeyer added.

Cars stopped and several people lined up as the vinyl billboard came down around 10 a.m. Monday, bringing this chapter of the story to a close -- A final sign the search is over.

"This is something people will remember for the rest of their lives, the Hailey Dunn story," Green said.

Four signs first went up in January 2011, according to Lamar Advertising, just a couple of weeks after Hailey was reported missing.

Lamar tells KTAB the vinyl from the billboard will be donated to Hailey's family, as they have done previously.

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