People Helping People: Charity Makes Big Donation to Food Bank

Inside a closet found inside a church in Albany, you will make a unique discovery.

It's not your typical food bank, with rows upon rows of canned goods, but it does the job -- and does it well.

It was also recently given a big donation by another charity in the community, in the true sense of people helping people.

"For us, there's no shortage of food. You don't always get what you want, but there is no shortage of food," explained Jim Nobles, a volunteer at the Community Food Pantry of Albany.

The food pantry has been around for about two years now, and started off serving ten families in the community.

That number has now grown to putting food on the table for fifty hungry families every single month.

"Sometimes we don't have much money, but we've never been out of money and we've never been out of food. Someone always steps up."

For example, the local deer processing plant, which recently donated 500 pounds of venison to fill up the freezer.

Or the dozens of people who stop by and drop off cans of baby food and vegetables.

And that's not all.

The food pantry just received a $1,000 donation from another non-profit in town, called Closet Angels, which decided to hand over the proceeds from their weekend fundraiser.

"All of the items sold for our garage sale were donated, so it's just Albany helping Albany residents and that feels pretty good," said Lori Reames, Director of Closet Angels.

It's not the first time Closet Angels has made a big donation to the food pantry, and it likely won't be the last.

And here's why that cash donation matters.

"If you go to the grocery store and get this can of soup, it costs you a dollar. We get it for 18 cents, so we can buy five cans of soup with your same dollar that you spent to buy the can of soup and give it to us," Nobles explained.

Giving them more bang for their buck -- literally.

It's all a partnership between several different denominational churches in town, giving new meaning to the phrase community food bank.

"Hungry people are hungry people, and I think that's what Jesus has called us to do, and we're just trying to do our part," Reames said.

The Community Food Pantry is housed in the First Assembly of God Church off Highway 180 in Albany.

It is available for any Shackelford County residents in need.

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